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Nursing Home Abuse

The majority of cases reported come from healthcare professionals, including doctors or nurses performing routine checkups. The problem “largely remains hidden” because older New York residents find difficulties in communicating the issues, or because of the social isolation sometimes found in nursing home facilities.Since the symptoms of abuse can be difficult to detect, every family that is concerned about the possibility of abuse should consider contacting a qualified elder abuse attorney like those referred by New York attorney Larry Hoffman. His team can serve you on Long Island, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and anywhere else in New York.

Neglect can take many forms, including failure in monitoring medication or in nutrition management, which are passive forms of abuse; many seniors, especially women, have reported physical and sexual abuse.

The positive side is that New York courts generally recognize that seniors deserve a minimum standard of care when placed in a nursing home and that those facilities must follow state regulations. Those that don’t follow regulations have been the subject of serious lawsuits.

Abuse cases may be complex, but experienced attorneys understand how to identify risk factors; and they will work hard in an effort to ensure that these cases target those involved in or causing the neglect or abuse.

One risk factor for elderly residents is that they may be cared for by underpaid staff with little or no compassion. This can lead to falls by residents. While the elderly are more prone to slip-and-fall accidents, numerous research studies indicate that improved programs of exercise, and even modifying their living quarters, can mitigate many of those risks.

Bedsores can be an unfortunate sign of neglect among nursing home residents. These may signify a lack of attention by nursing home aides; and they are often extremely painful, especially for patients with limited mobility, making it more difficult to minimize their pain. In other cases, poor nutrition and faulty hydration monitoring can result in your loved one’s skin becoming more pallid, putting them more at risk for advanced diseases, as their immune system weakens.

Communication may already be difficult for New York nursing home abuse victims, since they are away from their homes and may get visits from family members only on a weekly or monthly basis. Consider, too, that failing communication skills and memory decline can make it more difficult for nursing home residents to inform you of possible abuse.

Rather than struggling by yourself to find new options, seeking the right nursing home abuse lawyer affords you the possibility of receiving guidance and assistance which can be invaluable.Becoming proactive about these concerns requires you to call a qualified New York lawyer, to ensure your loved one’s case gets taken care of properly.

Try to recognize the signs that abuse may be occurring. If an older loved one has bedsores, then that is one of the clearest signs of possible neglect. Less obvious signs in the resident can include less frequent social interactions, less animation, poor sleeping habits and other symptoms of depression. Depression is a separate problem on its own, as well as a sign that more underlying issues may also be possible.

The family should choose an attorney who best fits their case. The process can be confusing for some, but with the care of a quality attorney like those referred by Larry Hoffman, New York nursing home abuse cases can be resolved, and families can find some remedy for the pain and suffering of their loved ones. Larry and his partners can serve you on Long Island, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and anywhere else in New York.

Nursing home abuse cases are unique because New York attorneys are working within a regulated industry that directly cares for people. Similar in some respects to medical malpractice, there are still unique aspects of New York nursing home abuse cases that require the expertise of qualified attorneys.

That’s why seeking the right elderly abuse attorney, with the experience and case results that you can review, is so critical to finding relief for you and your family. A qualified New York lawyer like Larry Hoffman can point the way to law firms that have the resources to combat large assisted living and nursing home operators with a high prospect of success. Whether you choose Larry or one of his associates, choosing on the basis of the attorney’s experience can be critical.

A combination of specific expertise and demonstrable results are two keys to finding the right New York elder abuse attorney. While internet searches are a start, it can pay big dividends to ask the advice of an attorney who understands the legal background of his most qualified associates who can best serve you and your family during potentially trying times.

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This is attorney advertising – not legal advice.Past results do not guarantee future similar outcomes.You should consult with a lawyer before taking any legal actions.
This is attorney advertising – not legal advice.Past results do not guarantee future similar outcomes.You should consult with a lawyer before taking any legal actions.