Fall From Ladder Accidents

Victims who suffer a fall on a construction site have legal protection in their favor. Personal injury cases in New York involving a fall from a ladder are relatively straightforward when compared to other lawsuits. An accident attorney firm like Larry Hoffman’s would work tirelessly trying to convince the insurance company, the judge or the jury that your claim is valid and compensable, fighting hard to try to obtain for you the compensation to which you may be entitled for your injuries.

The accountability of a construction company is easy to assess, through checking to make sure that safety equipment is fully functional, as well as scrutinizing whether their employee training was sufficient. If extensive surgery was required to preserve the victim’s health, then injury lawyers like Larry and his staff must fight hard in an effort to attempt to secure all benefits you may be entitled to under the law and to try to secure the highest compensation possible, to cover additional healthcare as well as living costs during recovery.

Larry Hoffman’s team of New York lawyers is on hand to promptly answer your calls. When contemplating a lawsuit, weighing your legal options is an essential strategy before litigation begins. Although victims are not charged for an unsuccessful case, Larry’s background research and free consultation will help you decide whether or not you need a New York-based construction accident attorney like Larry to support you.

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