Why Us?


When legal support is needed for personal injury cases, there are a lot of law firms to choose from. However, when seeking a specialist among accident lawyers in NYC, you need to make a decision that goes beyond image and branding – you need to choose a firm that is capable of fighting for the full compensation you deserve. Larry Hoffman has been practicing as a personal injury attorney in New York since 1996, and it is his experience and intricate knowledge of law that has made him consistently successful on behalf of his clients – securing millions of dollars in compensation for the people who need it the most.

Mission Statement

High priority communication and one-on-one support characterize Larry’s style of customer service. There is nothing worse than customer service that feels automated, or communication in which you are ‘just another number.’ When you call your personal injury attorney, you expect an instant reply. Larry and his team endeavor to answer every call immediately – and if they cannot, they strive to respond with a quick callback. Choosing Larry the Lawyer to handle your personal injury case in NYC is a wise choice.

Regardless of whether the legal case being handled is clear and straightforward or a sensitive matter with various complications, you want the assurance that the best lawyers are working on your behalf. Larry and his team work extensively with the best trial lawyers that New York State has to offer, resulting in the comprehensive legal experience that is required for a case to be in safe hands.

History and Experience

Larry has spent a happy lifetime in New York, a wonderful State of multiculturalism; and many former clients have also become close friends with Larry. Our economic backgrounds and ethnicity make each of us an individual, and you want to choose a firm that embraces this point of view. Larry’s personal service has been the catalyst in securing millions of dollars rightfully obtained for clients.

Where you live is a defining part of who you are. When you select a lawyer who knows your local area well, you have the advantage of using a firm with background knowledge of your case. Larry’s local area contacts and experiences as a New York City and Long Island personal injury lawyer make a positive difference to any case, providing knowledge of nearby surgeons, pain management doctors and other medical providers who could have vital insight on the cases being handled. Larry spares no expense to resolve a legal matter, and it is this attention to detail which distinguishes Larry the Lawyer from other firms.

Thoughts from Larry

I believe that offering personal help with the cases we handle is vital – and this is why our office is always open for those who want to talk about a legal matter. We have had family and friends of former clients get in touch for support too, and it’s a real pleasure to help the fantastic people of Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island and the rest of New York. Our industry needs to be more about helping friends and clients who require assistance when life gets tough. My team and I are doing just this, and there’s little more rewarding than the thrill of winning a case and securing for the client the compensation they deserve – apart from having them call the office a few months later just to say ‘hello!’

Call Larry Hoffman now at (516) 216-4353 or 1-800-260-0419 or 718-766-7985 or e-mail LHoffman@LarrytheLawyer.net to discuss your legal case for free