Roofing Accidents

Accidents happen; and if a hard-working construction worker is injured in a roofing accident, it is very important to evaluate who was responsible for the incident. A roofing accident attorney like Larry Hoffman will be able to assess New York labor law in relation to your case. The law clearly specifies that guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Association must be followed on all construction sites. If it is determined that an employer, a contractor, a supervisor or another person was in breach of these regulations, Larry and his team may be able to prove that the incident was avoidable.

Also, if you aren’t given equipment that minimizes the impact of an incident, or if the resources provided to you are faulty or inadequate, then a roofing accident lawyer like Larry would be able to use these factors as evidence.

Monetary compensation from a successful personal injury lawsuit can be put to a number of uses. This may include recovering wages lost during sick leave incurred as a result of the injury, or funding any additional medical expenses for surgeries or physical therapy required because of broken bones, back injuries or other painful conditions resulting from the incident.

Personal injury lawyers like Larry Hoffman will fight hard in an effort to secure the compensation you may deserve, especially if a property owner or general contractor were to offer a disappointing compensation following an accident for which they may be responsible.

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