Slip / Trip and Fall

With accidents involving slips, trips and falls, there can be some confusion as to who is legally responsible. It depends on where the accident has occurred and whether or not the incident could have been avoided. For example, uncovered holes on public premises, slippery or uneven walking surfaces, and even supermarket aisle spills are all issues that personal injury law firms like Larry Hoffman’s have to deal with almost daily – particularly when fractures or other serious injuries have occurred as a result.

To achieve maximum compensation for the victim, Larry and his team spare no expense in compiling evidence. Through hiring investigators and expert analysts where necessary to visit the scene of the accident, breaches of the law can be established which will later be highlighted in court.

When establishing legal responsibility, it can be difficult to assess whether the accident was caused by the recklessness of the victim or by the negligence of the owner of the property where the incident occurred. If the obstruction which caused the slip, trip or fall was caused by the owner, then a personal injury attorney like Larry, specializing in this type of case, would argue it was the owner’s fault – especially if they were aware of the danger and did nothing to correct it. As a responsible owner, should they have known something was wrong?

When a personal injury lawyer like Larry Hoffman does an in-depth examination of the procedures that the property owner has used to maintain their property, it can be established whether or not that owner could be held legally accountable for an accident. If so, litigation can begin – as well as the fight for compensation. It all begins with a free call for a consultation with Larry the Lawyer.

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