The unwanted consequences of Wellbutrin vary, dependent on the personal circumstances of the patient. Experienced injury lawyer firms such as Larry Hoffman’s know that a personal assessment must be conducted to establish the precise nature of the side effects.

For example, a young adult taking the anti-depressant Wellbutrin may see their own condition worsen, but a pregnant woman’s usage of the same drug may result in heart defects presenting in the child at birth. An assessment of 13,000 babies found that mothers who took Wellbutrin during their pregnancy were twice as likely to give birth to a child with heart defects.

Suicidal thoughts or a worsening depression are both conditions that Wellbutrin is meant to prevent. If you suffer these results, then the team of attorneys at Larry the Lawyer can conduct a personal injury lawsuit for you against Wellbutrin, which could allow you to receive compensation to pay for alternate treatments that do not have these adverse side effects.

You may have a case if you were misinformed about the side effects of Wellbutrin, generically known as bupropion. Also, life can be endangered if coronary artery disease is aggravated by Wellbutrin, when taken by older patients.

Anytime you are paying for healthcare, you deserve the best; and if your medical providers fail you, then Larry Hoffman and his team of Wellbutrin attorneys are here to support you legally and personally.

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