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Looking for a New York Attorney?

Looking through a New York attorney directory can be a daunting experience as you face thousands of different attorneys to choose from. Even when you find an attorney directory that is accessible and easy to use, you need to double-check whether you are getting all the information you need. To make an informed decision about the best New York attorneys for your personal injury case, it would be a challenge to make such a difficult choice armed with only a list of names.

There are some ways to find a cross section of New York lawyers without using an incomplete attorney directory. For example, using search engines and keywords relevant to what you require, such as ‘construction accident attorney in New York’, you will be directed to official websites of lawyers in NY State. If you wanted to refine your results further, you could perform searches for attorneys that have offices in your local area – Larry Hoffman serves you on Long Island, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and elsewhere in the State. The Internet is a fantastic resource where you can get a wealth of information on prospective lawyers in minutes, and utilizing it for research immediately after an accident can increase your chances of getting a good settlement.

What sort of information should you be looking for? As well as reading testimonials of clients who have used a lawyer’s services, reading about the financial settlements they have secured will give you an idea of how successful they have been. Many lawyers will also have an extensive biography on their website – allowing you to read more about where they studied and the years that they have been practicing as New York attorneys. In many ways, doing your own research is more advantageous than relying on a database – particularly if the perfect law firm for you isn’t on the New York attorney directory you choose to use.

Not only does Larry Hoffman have extensive experience in many areas of personal injury law, but his relationships with some of the best lawyers in the Greater New York area will offer you a personal New York attorney directory, making available legal advice based on the circumstances that surround your case.

What’s the Best Way to Select a New York Attorney?

In theory, a New York attorney directory is a fantastic idea. However, some of the websites that are available to you are extremely limited in the information that they offer. For example, although some websites allow you to search by specialty and area, the results do not include examples of previous settlements secured, or recent cases handled by each attorney or firm.

Because of this, you need to find a lawyer who has experience in the specific area of law that applies to your case. Over their professional careers, the New York attorneys you choose should have secured millions of dollars for their clients, and their vocational experience and understanding of your case should be a great advantage to you.

Larry Hoffman has extensive experience in many areas of personal injury law, and his contacts with some of the best lawyers in New York will offer you a personal attorney directory, making available legal advice from many resources, based on the circumstances that surround your case.

Larry and his team, or anyone that they would put you in contact with, will be able to help you in the following specialty areas of New York law:

  • Automobile accidents (including car, motorcycle or bus collisions).
  • Construction accidents (analyzing whether an injury was caused by a breach of OSHA regulations or whether the accident could have been avoided). These accidents include a fall from a roof or ladder, injuries relating to improper installation of scaffolding, and injuries sustained from falling objects.
  • Drug defects (taking drug manufacturers to court over adverse side effects caused by products which have been proven to endanger the lives of patients and/or their unborn children).
  • Nursing home abuse (discovering whether care workers have mistreated patients in a nursing home by administering inappropriate drugs, failing to provide medication in a timely manner, or not quickly addressing the needs of an elderly person).
  • Medical malpractice and negligence (including misdiagnosis, surgical error, and incorrect prescription).

Particularly in areas of personal injury law such as medical malpractice, the technical terminology used can be complicated, and the laws that surround treating patients can be intricate. By using a New York attorney directory, you would not easily be able to verify the credentials of a medical malpractice lawyer – especially since the State of New York does not have a certification program for their attorneys.

Contacting a well connected lawyer like Larry Hoffman enables you to gain access to some of the top lawyers in the Greater New York area. Larry’s good relationships with colleagues in other law firms and specialties offer you knowledgeable legal representation for any type of case, without having to trawl through an extensive New York attorney directory first.

What’s the Procedure to Hire a New York Attorney?

The process of hiring a lawyer to handle your lawsuit can depend on the area of law relating to your case. Arranging phone consultations with numerous New York attorneys can allow you to consider the experience and success rates of different lawyers – helping you to find legal representation that serves you well.

While you are talking with a lawyer on the phone, you may wish to ask them a few questions about the experience they have, relevant to your case. You could ask whether they have handled lawsuits similar to yours, and what were the outcomes and the settlements they obtained for their clients.

In order for lawyers to answer you professionally and concisely, you should first write some notes so you can explain your case to them clearly and succinctly. Since some consultations with lawyers only last around 15 minutes, you need to make the most of the time you have with them.

Even though a lawyer may seem fantastic on paper, you also need to think about whether you like the way they work and how they would approach your case. If you aren’t going to be working personally with the lawyers you’ve contacted so far, then meeting with the attorneys who would be assigned to your lawsuit can be helpful. Using a New York attorney directory might not give you the clearest picture about the best law firms for your case, and this is why doing independent research will help.

A free consultation with an experienced attorney like Larry Hoffman allows you to have the intricacies of your case explained to you in clear, simple English, empowering you with a good understanding of the direction your lawsuit should take. His experience in communicating with and collaborating with some of New York’s finest attorneys can put you in contact with expert law firms that may be perfect for you. Instead of wandering endlessly through continuous web pages of information and using ill-equipped resources such as attorney directories, you can get all the advice you need in one place by calling Larry Hoffman.

As you try to find a great lawyer to handle your case, you don’t just want to review their credentials. You want to know their background, what they are like as a person, their work ethic, the settlements they have achieved for other clients, and the testimonials of previous clients. Not only can you have these valuable pieces of information delivered to you in a professional way by Larry Hoffman, but his personal knowledge of the best New York lawyers and his understanding of your case will result in his firm offering you individually tailored advice that no other New York attorney directory could provide.

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