Scaffolding Accidents

The use of scaffolding on a construction site must be carefully supervised – particularly since improper installation could result in the serious injury of the builders working on it. Personal injury cases involving scaffolding accidents have included fractures resulting from the collapse of a scaffold structure, as well as serious and disabling brain injuries. Larry the Lawyer can handle these law suits for you in Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and anywhere else in New York.

Working with scaffolding is high-risk, for many reasons. For example, incorrectly installed scaffolding or defective components of the structure pose a higher chance of serious injury to workers. Other dangers include inadequate training, the misuse of a scaffold, and inadequate safety equipment in the event of the structure collapsing.

If you have injuries caused by any of these factors, Larry Hoffman’s experience as a scaffolding accident attorney in New York can help. An experienced lawyer can keep you informed of your rights, while explaining the different lawsuits and legal options you can pursue. According to OSHA’s published guidelines for the health and safety of workers who use scaffolds, two-thirds of construction workers in the greater New York area use scaffolding every day. Approximately 50 people die annually due to scaffolding accidents, and a further 4,500 people are injured – demonstrating the importance of scaffolding accident attorneys like Larry for achieving justice for victims.

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