The need to retain a drug defect attorney like Larry Hoffman is common for those who have had difficulties as a result of taking Reglan. The drug known medically as metoclopramide has been linked to serious physical movement difficulties, as a result of prolonged use. Those who are on a long-term course of medication involving Reglan, or elderly or female patients, are the groups who are most susceptible to unwanted side effects. Larry’s team of experienced personal injury lawyers on Long Island and NYC can use extensive research to assess the severity of the drug-induced impaired movement you might be experiencing. This condition, known as dyskinesia, can drastically affect your quality of life, requiring a lawsuit in order to acquire compensation for necessary treatment.

Regardless of the form in which the drug was taken – pills, syrups or injections – any sign of involuntary movements should be taken seriously by seeking immediate medical attention. Additionally, you should seek legal advice from an attorney like Larry Hoffman. Reglan is the most common drug causing involuntary movements in patients, and the experience of Larry’s team of expert lawyers on previous cases will allow you to receive the best chance at an outcome that will help you in the long run. Every case is different, and serious dyskinesia can normally be found in patients who have had more than three months’ exposure to Reglan. So finding an injury law firm like Larry Hoffman’s that will take the time to assess your case personally is important. The way you react to this medication could be entirely different from other cases that have preceded you, and being treated as an individual at this difficult time is essential.

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