Other Motor Vehicle Accidents

If your accident involved a vehicle not specified in these pages, it is understandable that you may feel confused, upset and uncertain of where to turn for assistance. Because accident attorneys in New York handle personal injury cases predominantly involving the most common forms of transportation, discussion of more obscure vehicles isn’t included here. Regardless of which motor vehicle caused the accident, Larry Hoffman’s New York personal injury law firm is able to help you now, with free consultation allowing both Larry and the client to assess the key points of any type case.

With extensive historical analysis, cases similar to your own can be scrutinized – allowing a more clear idea of the compensation available through legal action by a NY lawyer. Larry and his team believe in prompt, effective communication; and they give clear explanations of the ongoing process toward a successful outcome. Accident recovery can be a confusing and uncertain time, but it is very important for Larry’s team to quickly collate as much data and evidence as possible for use in court.

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