Other Construction Accidents

Thanks to comprehensive knowledge gained from his experience in a variety of construction accident cases, Larry Hoffman is more than capable of handling other construction accidents that the best attorneys must be prepared for.

Power tools are essential components of any line of construction work, but if the workers using them are not properly trained, fingers can accidentally be lost in seconds. If you were affected by an accident involving an advanced piece of equipment where the tutorial you were given was not adequate, Larry’s experience running a personal injury lawyer firm in New York will certainly be of help. He will fight hard to try to obtain the compensation you deserve for medical care, as well as lost wages for your time off work. His personal service provides to you and your family the full support required.

Other types of construction accidents include slips and falls. Various causes may include cluttered electrical wiring, unsatisfactory measures taken against weather conditions such as ice and snow, or the lack of taking other precautionary measures such as setting proper covers to protect workers against excavation hazards like exposed holes in the ground.

Construction is a high-risk job, and there are plenty of dangers in the New York workplace. Supervisors who do not seriously acknowledge these risks could endanger everyone, including themselves. Considering his expertise in construction accident law, you will be hard-pressed to find a personal injury attorney in NY who is better equipped to pursue accident injury lawsuits than Larry the Lawyer.

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