Criminal Law

For those who require legal representation as a result of being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, choosing Larry Hoffman and his team of lawyers in New York City and surrounding areas will help create a clear case in your defense. The felonies that a criminal attorney will handle are varied. Some of the more serious offenses that Larry’s team can represent include arson, DUI charges, murder, burglaries, fraud and kidnapping.

If you need more advice or information regarding a criminal case, Larry the Lawyer will provide the support you need to understand the process you are facing. The team will make clear the outcomes which are likely once the case begins. Through consistent communication and consultation, they will strive to see that as much as possible is done to help you during the case.

Obtaining a criminal law attorney on Long Island, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx or anywhere else in New York is important for conducting the many searches and questioning that may occur preceding the case, as well as for representation in a court of law. Providing continual support, Larry Hoffman’s New York law firm will fight hard in an effort to secure the best possible conclusion to your criminal law case.

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