Bus Accidents

The rules which pertain to buses and other common public carriers are more involved and more strict than rules for private car usage. Bus companies have a special duty to take greater care of their passengers, due to the vehicle size and due to the trust the public puts in them to maintain safety. Whether you were the bus driver, a bus passenger, traveling in another vehicle, or a pedestrian involved in the incident, this area of law for New York personal injury attorneys like Larry Hoffman is time-sensitive and rather complicated.

Because of this complexity, enlisting a bus accident specialist is important in the pursuit of justice. New York is a bustling State full of busy highways and congested traffic, thus bus-related incidents are on the rise. Statistics concerning casualties and fatalities on public transportation are on an upward trend. NY bus accident attorneys like Larry are quick to agree with this.

For the victim, making the decision to take legal action isn’t easy, but it is important for the well-being of future travelers. A bus company that compromises the health and safety of their customers could be held accountable for any serious negligence.Perhaps future users of bus service would avoid becoming injury victims if a bus company would impose better safety measures or the driver would be more aware of safety concerns.This shows how one small personal injury law case could have a positive influence on many others.

Whether you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, Larry the Lawyer is here to help as a personal injury attorney.

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