Drugs Recalls and Defects

When we purchase drugs or have them prescribed to us, we expect that the medication will make us better, or prevent dangerous illness and disease, or allow our health to improve. However, we do not expect the adverse side effects that defective drugs can bring, or the negative impact that such drugs can have on our health. In the event of a drug defect or recall, Larry Hoffman, an experienced drug recall attorney in New York, will fight for you to get the highest possible compensation from the companies that put your life and health at risk with defective drugs.

Whether you have been harmed by drugs which have jeopardized your quality of life over a short period or have impacted your long-term health, you need a New York drug defect lawyer like Larry who will put your health and future first. Examples of drug defects include the diabetes pill Avandia, which has been reported to have had long-term implications such as heart attacks; and Chantix, which was designed to ease withdrawal symptoms when a person quits smoking, but has led to suicidal tendencies in some users. Other problems have been associated with Wellbutrin, Yaz, Zicam, Zimmer Knees, Depuy Hips, Fosomax, Reglin and Levaquin. Obtaining monetary compensation via the best legal representation from a specialist drug recall attorney like Larry Hoffman could help pay for the medical treatment needed to restore your health once and for all, and to help lift the burden of your pain and suffering.

Of course, your mental health and stability are also very important. Larry’s team can also help you receive that kind of support if you have endured the unwanted accompaniments of suicidal thoughts or anger due to taking Chantix, an anti-smoking medication.

Aside from the medical products already mentioned, a drug defect law firm like Larry the Lawyer can also support your case against malfunctioning medical equipment, such as pacemakers, which are vital for protecting the lives of millions of Americans today.

This section aims to outline the negative effects that are attached to many well-known drugs, allowing you to find in New York the legal advice of a drug defect lawyer like Larry Hoffman when necessary. Of course, if you were affected by a product not listed here, Larry’s free consultation will also allow your specific case to be reviewed in depth.

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