Motorcycle Accidents

Don’t settle for a New York City lawyer whose area of expertise is exclusively in car-related incidents. Ordinary auto accident laws are quite different from the laws that surround motorcycle accidents. You need a motorcycle accident specialist in New York who understands the nuances of personal injury cases involving this mode of transportation. Steelhorse law is a sector that Larry Hoffman is very familiar with.

Both motorcyclists and pedestrians can be seriously injured as a result of one of these accidents. Personal injury lawyers take very seriously the process of compensation. What happens when a father driving his kids in an SUV gets distracted, crashing unexpectedly into a motorcyclist, causing serious injuries? The elevated dangers of motorcycle riding change the playing field for personal injury cases. Larry’s professionalism and background knowledge as a New York motorcycle accident attorney ensure you legal representation, exhausting all possible leads.

Aside from fighting for you to try to get medical bills paid and to obtain full healthcare compensation, Larry’s personal service fights to include the cost of repairs for your beloved motorcycle. Choosing a personal injury attorney in New York City probably isn’t the first thing on your mind following a motorcycle accident, but getting strong legal representation is a vital step in making a full recovery.

Once Larry Hoffman is contacted, the free consultation between the New York lawyer and his client begins, establishing the key points of the case. As the picture becomes clearer, positive steps can be taken toward a successful outcome.

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