Truck Accidents

Personal injury cases resulting from truck accidents are serious matters for NYC and Long Island injury lawyers like Larry Hoffman. For victims to receive the full compensation they need for medical treatment or vehicle repairs, pains-taking investigation is necessary to establish what has actually happened.

Time is of the essence for the investigators that a truck accident attorney like Larry would commission. They need to gather evidence at the scene, such as road markings and in-depth analysis of any mechanical defects on the truck, in order to assess what could be the cause of the accident. Once Larry’s team of analysts has assessed the scene of the accident, a reconstruction is creatable that will emulate the injuries and damage that would have been inflicted on the victims and vehicles involved. This is when Larry’s role as a personal injury attorney on Long Island, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or anywhere else in New York comes into effect.

The emulation of an accident will assess whether or not the truck driver or their employers could be held accountable for negligence, potentially because of drug or alcohol abuse, inadequate driver training, or faulty vehicle testing. Such oversights by a trucking company are serious offenses, because they also put at risk the health and safety of the drivers who work in these vehicles every day.

For optimal compensation, claimants need to almost immediately obtain the expert support of a truck accident attorney like Larry Hoffman. Even though litigation is sometimes the last concern for those injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault, crucial evidence that could be used in a legal case is time-sensitive, and needs to be collected quickly. Larry the Lawyer’s competent staff is ready to help you now.

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