Other Cases

Personal injury law cases can be wide-ranging, and there are many further areas of the law that Larry Hoffman and his team deal with as injury lawyers in NYC, on Long Island and throughout New York State – many of those are not highlighted in the pages of this website.

A free consultation is a sure way for an accident victim to get legal advice on what steps to take next. The extensive experience of Larry’s team also makes them a versatile choice, since all your legal matters can be resolved through one exceptional attorney in New York.

For example, Larry has strong connections with other lawyers who are knowledgeable of the nuances of Maritime Law – and its specific differences from other laws that govern New York and surrounding areas. Various maritime workplace disputes can arise; for instance, unfair dismissal from a job; injuries due to a lack of safety equipment for lifting heavy items from ships; unsafe platforms, leading to preventable slips, trips and falls; allegations of pollution; or wrongful death following a personal injury on the job. Larry Hoffman’s experience and sensitivity as a personal injury attorney on Long Island and in New York City can greatly help you in settling any of these disputes.

These scenarios can also be applied to other unfortunate circumstances; for example when safety products become defective. As a lawsuit attorney in New York, Larry aims to resolve personal injury cases that arise from using unsafe products at home or at work.

Other possibilities include the following: your car’s airbags may not work effectively in the event of a crash; car seats for your children might fail to adequately protect them; other manufactured baby products may pose significant health risks to your child; or maybe you are involved in an airplane crash. Larry’s experience of having handled hundreds of cases like these can reassure his clients that he will fight for the best possible outcome, to provide the resolutions they deserve.

When even high chair recalls make us worry about the children we hold dear, you can be reassured that justice can indeed be served – and that the same horrific cases need never happen again, thanks to the diligent efforts of a New York law firm like Larry Hoffman’s.

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